A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

4-7-8 is an immersive video game targeted at people with anxiety or those who are looking to relax. The reason why it's called 4-7-8 is because that's the rhythm (number of seconds) you are supposed to breathe in, hold, and the exhale for proper practices of meditation. When a player is exploring the 3D landscapes, soothing music and an audio recording of a narrative plays, allowing the player to listen and explore. A pulsing circle on the right side of the screen reminds the player to keep breathing in the rhythm of 4-7-8. 


4-7-8 for PC 635 kB
4-7-8 (Mac Build).app.zip 41 MB


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This seems like a really sweet concept, however when I try to download/play it, I get an error that says to re-download it- but this doesn't help. Just letting you know :)